Former CIA Director John Brennan said Thursday that President Trump's approach to foreign policy contradicts his call for being a nation of laws, which was a component to his campaign.

"We are a country of laws, and sometimes I feel that Mr. Trump feels that it is Trump's laws that trump others," Brennan said on NBC Thursday. "I think he's trying to demonstrate that he's tough and he's trying to intimidate opponents, but at the same time he is not experienced at all in international brinkmanship on these issues."

The Obama-era official said the combination of escalating rhetoric and bypassing diplomacy from Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un could lead to military action when it could have been prevented.

"His [Trump] comments have been rather provocative and it has served to increase tensions, not to de-escalate them. And I'm hoping that Rex Tillerson is going to be able to continue some of his efforts to try to address these issues behind the scenes," Brennan added.

Brennan warned Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis does have the power to try to talk Trump out of a military decision, even after Trump has sent it to the Pentagon.