Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn set the record straight about a short-term spending bill being negotiated in Congress, declaring on Twitter that it contained funding for the Children's Health Insurance Plan for six years, not 30 days as the president had implied.

"The current house Continuing Resolution package has a six-year extension of CHIP, not a 30 day extension," Cornyn, a Texas Republican, wrote on Twitter.

The move appeared to be in response to President Trump, who tweeted earlier in the morning that he believed Congress should pass a long-term reauthorization for the program, which expired Sept. 30.

The tweet undercut the Republican strategy of attaching longer-term funding for CHIP to the CR in order to get enough votes for passage before the previous short-term spending bill expires Friday.

House Democratic leadership is telling members to vote no on a deal to fund the government until Feb. 16 partly because it does not include protections for “Dreamers,” who are young adults who entered the country illegally as children. Democrats have charged that Republicans are using CHIP to undermine Obamacare.

It is an open question if Republicans have enough votes in their own conference for the funding deal, and if they are unable to get enough votes then the government will shut down.