Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn said the tax reform bill expected to pass Congress this week could have been better if Democrats had participated in writing it.

“Our Democratic colleagues simply refused to participate in the process. We probably could have made it better if they had, but we were determined to get this job done, to cut taxes, to reform the tax code for the first time in 30 years," Cornyn told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.

He continued: “It was an intense process. The Democrats refused to participate. And we tried to cobble together the votes we needed to get this bill passed, [while] at the same time, maintaining the integrity of the largest tax cuts we’re going to be seeing since 1986.”

Democrats have repeatedly complained they were left out of the process and accused Republicans of not being interested in working across the aisle.

Democrats have criticized Republicans for a last-minute tax break that could give millions of dollars to President Trump and others who receive money from the real estate sector through limited liability corporations.

"Picking out one piece in a thousand-page bill and saying 'this is going to benefit somebody,' I just think that takes the whole bill out context," Cornyn said.

Cornyn said he expects the tax bill to pass the Senate on Tuesday as Trump presses Congress to send him a final version of the legislation before Christmas.