Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Bernie Sanders said recent revelations about the firing of James Comey could jeopardize the United States' relationships with its allies.

At a CNN town hall, Kasich and Sanders agreed that reports about President Trump revealing classified information to Russian officials are deeply troubling.

When asked about House Speaker Paul Ryan's previous statements about those who jeopardizes national security having their clearance revoked and would the same apply to the president, Kasich said: "Look, he's in bigger trouble than losing a security clearance if we find out there were very serious problems."

The Ohio Republican continued, "You have a situation where we could jeopardize our ability to be safe. Secondly, we jeopardize the ability of allies to be protected."

Sanders said in response to the question, "It may well be that some person somewhere will be killed as a result of what Trump did."

The Vermont Independent who caucuses with the Democrats continued, "We need share information with our allies ... And this president had better learn what it's like the be president and not share classified information."