President Trump's new chief of staff John Kelly is considering hiring his former spokesperson at the Homeland Security Department as White House communications director, according to a report Tuesday night.

CNN says David Lapan, who has worked with Kelly for over a decade, is the leading contender for the job to replace Anthony Scaramucci, citing two unnamed administration sources. Scaramucci was dismissed less than two weeks after being hired and on the same day Kelly officially took over as White House chief of staff

Lapan, like Kelly, comes from a military background. Before working with Kelly at DHS, Lapan led press duties at the Defense Department and the Marine Corps.

Lapan told CNN he would consider becoming White House communications director if Kelly offered him the job.

"Obviously I've known [Kelly] for a long time," Lapan said. "I would take seriously anything he asked. But I would also have to understand more about what it would be and all of those things. So I couldn't say today what my answer would be."