White House chief of staff John Kelly said during the first year of Donald Trump's presidency, it was rare occasion if he paused to look back at his predecessors actions when making a decision.

“He very seldom asks how other presidents did this,” the retired general told the New York Times.

In a new report that made waves on the Internet Sunday, Kelly said Trump remains true to the man he was when running for office, a man who seeks to defy the "norms and conventions" of the political world and past presidencies.

“The norms and conventions are exactly what he ran against and, in his view, are why we’re in the fix we’re in," Kelly said.

The White House chief of staff said Trump doesn't intentionally look to diverge from tradition, he simply has a "view of what's better" for the nation.

“He doesn’t intentionally make decisions that are opposite, say, of what a previous president would make. He’s got a view of what’s better for America,” Kelly told the Times.