White House chief of staff John Kelly said Thursday President Trump would rather get rid of all the country's nuclear weapons than increase production of them.

NBC News reported earlier this week Trump expressed a desire to increase the American nuclear arsenal tenfold during a July meeting. He's since denied that report, and Kelly said he wants to take the opposite route.

"In spite of what someone reported the other day about the president, and I don't think he would mind me sharing this. What he said to me many, many times and to the group often times, I hear him most say about nuclear weapons is wouldn't it be great if we could get rid of them all?" Kelly said.

He said Trump will speak about modernizing and updating the country's nuclear payload, but he doesn't want to increase the amount of nuclear weapons in the arsenal.

"References the maintenances of nuclear weapons and modernization, that doesn't mean increase in numbers," Kelly said. "He thinks wouldn't it be great, how could we get rid of nuclear weapons."

Kelly said Trump isn't itching to use the American military despite his saber rattling with North Korea and other American antagonists.

Instead, it's being used as a deterrent, he said.

"The great thing about our military is it's a real deterrent factor around the world, whether it's nuclear deterrent or conventional deterrent," Kelly said.