Secretary of State John Kerry accused Russia of not doing enough with the investigation of the Malaysia Airlines jetliner that was shot down in eastern Ukraine last week, saying that “drunken” pro-Russian separatist have comprised the crash site.

“Not withstanding [Russian] President [Vladimir] Putin and Russia saying that they were going to help to enforce the idea of a full investigation that had integrity and access, we haven't" received that help, Kerry told “Fox News Sunday.”

Kerry said the rebels allowed outside investigators only 75 minutes to inspect the crash site on Friday, and three hours on Saturday.

“Drunken, literally drunken separatist soldiers are pilling bodies into trucks unceremoniously and disturbing the evidence and disturbing the pattern that is there,” he said. “We understand that some aircraft parts have been removed.”

“We need full access.”

While not directly blaming the Putin government of tampering with the crash site, Kerry said Russia arms, trains and supports the separatists and that Russia could do more to “exert all of the influence that they have in order to protect the full integrity of this investigation.”

“Russia has refused to call on [the rebels] publicly to do the things that need to be done,” he said. “So, I think this is a fundamental moment of truth for Russia, for Mr. Putin.”