Sen. John McCain said Wednesday the Air Force's admission that it did not properly report dozens of criminal cases to gun-check databases shows a “disturbing lack of compliance and accountability.”

The Senate Armed Services Committee wants a full explanation from the Air Force about how the service will solve the oversights allowing the Texas church shooter to buy guns used in the massacre and several dozen other criminal cases to go unreported.

The Air Force said Tuesday the failure to report domestic violence crimes by Devin Kelley, who used the purchased firearms to killed 25 churchgoers earlier this month, was not an isolated incident and it had found other instances as it conducts an ongoing review.

“Initial results of the Air Force review of criminal reporting to civilian law enforcement reveal a disturbing lack of compliance and accountability,” McCain said in a released statement. “The fact that the tragic neglect in the case of Devin Kelley was not an isolated incident but rather part of a systemic failure to comply with current policy must be a call to action.”

McCain also said the other military services should determine whether they have made similar mistakes in reporting crimes that preclude gun purchases to national databases used for background checks.

“The Senate Armed Services Committee will continue to conduct rigorous oversight of the Air Force investigation and expects a full report on actions that will be taken to correct deficiencies,” McCain said.