Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain called on President Obama to “acknowledge failure” in Syria on Sunday, saying the White House is ignoring options at its disposal to limit the bloodshed in the war-torn nation.

“This is shameful. This is shameful what is going on,” McCain, Obama's former presidential rival, said on CNN's “State of the Union.”

“Isn’t it a terrible idea to do nothing?” the GOP senator added.

McCain criticized Obama for focusing only on the disarming of strongman Bashar Assad's stockpile of chemical weapons in his State of the Union address and not making bolder efforts to limit the violence in Syria.

“We have options,” McCain said. “The question is whether we will use them or not.”

And McCain said that even with a war-weary public, the American people would “at least be more willing to help” the Syrians if Obama showed them Images of the devastating carnage in the Middle Eastern country.

The White House has struck a more pessimistic note on Syria in recent days, acknowledging that peace talks have done little to end the civil war there and that a political solution is hardly imminent.