John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight" covered the events in Ferguson, Mo., on Sunday evening.

"This whole story is depressingly familiar," the comedian lamented, "and there are so many unanswered questions about why an officer would shoot an unarmed teenager."

Oliver lambasted the Ferguson police for releasing video of Michael Brown robbing a story shortly before he was shot by police officer Darren Wilson.

"If the police wanted to distract everyone with video that has absolutely nothing to do with the Michael Brown shooting," Oliver said, 'they should have just released 'Ghostbusters' instead."

Oliver then focused his fire on Ferguson Mayor James Knowles, calling him out for saying "we've never seen this kind of violence, we've never seen this kind of frustration or tension between the races."

Oliver moved on to discuss the racial disparity in Ferguson's police force and the broader trend of militarized police departments.

He included video of armored police vehicles and police officers in camouflage, noting that "the police are not soldiers."


Watch the whole episode in the video above. (And check out last week's segment on payday lenders.)