Nothing like some tongue-in-cheek April Fools, ahem, humor to let everyone in Virginia know just how nasty the gubernatorial race is going to be.

Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli kicked off the prankster's holiday with a facetious press release announcing that Democrat Terry McAuliffe was opening a new plant in Fredericksburg that would create many jobs.

April Fools!

The "joke" highlights McAuliffe decision to locate his electric car company, GreenTech Automotive, in Mississippi instead of Virginia. McAuliffe has been criticized for the move before, especially after asserting that the Virginia Economic Development Partnership made it too difficult for him to build a new plant in the Old Dominion even though documents show that was not the case.

Not to be outdone, the state Democratic Party sent out its own release breaking the news that Cuccinelli had resigned as the state's top lawyer.

April Fools!

The Republican has refused to follow a recent Virginia tradition of giving up his seat to run for governor, insisting he can handle the campaign trail and the legal office at the same time. The Democratic missive is especially timely in the wake of Cuccinelli's relationship and financial investments in Star Scientific, a company currently in a legal battle with the state.

But the real joke is on Virginians: This race is already heated seven months before Election Day.