Jon Ossoff, the Democratic candidate running to replace Health and Human Service Secretary Tom Price in Georgia's 6th Congressional District, is now engaged.

Ossoff asked his longtime girlfriend Alisha Kramer on Friday night, according to local reports Saturday.

His relationship status came up, somewhat awkwardly, during an interview on CNN last month after he admitted that he does not live in the district he is running for but grew up in it and lives in a neighboring district to support Kramer, who is a medical student at Emory University. At the time he would not provide an answer on when he planned to propose.

While he didn't win outright, Ossoff later qualified in the first round of the special election for a run-off set for June 20 against Republican Karen Handel.

She congratulated Ossoff on the engagement.

"Steve and I send our congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. Ossoff," Handel said in a written statement, according to WXIA-TV Atlanta. "We have learned a lot over nearly 25 years of marriage."

"Having a partner who is the love of your life ultimately makes the hard days better, and the journey more complete," Handel added. "Steve and I wish them the best in their future together."