House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, interviewed by the normally friendly Daily Show's Jon Stewart, found herself mocked by the host and laughed at by the audience over issues including Obamacare, political donations and bureaucratic incompetence.

In a half-hour interview released today on the Daily Show's website, Stewart expressed his frustration with Washington, starting with the fumbled Obamacare website that Pelosi said “will be better.”

Cutting to competence, Stewart was surprised when Pelosi avoided responsibility for the problem-plagued website, part of the system she pushed through for President Obama. “Why is it so hard to get a company to execute that?” he asked.

Her answer: “I don’t know.”

Stewart retorted, “What do you mean you don’t know? How do you know know?”

Pelosi’s answer: “Well, it’s not my responsibility.”

He later pressed her on the perceived corruption of staffers, including hers, going to work as lobbyists to build in loopholes to legislation Democrats supported. Pelosi said she was unaware that any of her staff had become lobbyists. “I don't know anybody,” she said, as he laughed. She also said that the "revolving door" is a White House issue, not a congressional one.

Stewart also pushed back on Pelosi’s claim that Democrats are politically pure and don’t gobble up corporate contributions like Republicans. Her answer drew a mocking laughter from the audience.

Said Stewart: “The Democrats do themselves no favors when the programs that they implement are not efficient and agile and when they suggest that they themselves are unimpeachably pristine and are not corrupted by the same money that we know flows through those halls. Green knows no party.”

Pelosi: “Well, since you used the color green, let me just say that we are the party of green in terms of protecting the environment.”

The audience laughed.

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