Jon Stewart mocked President Obama on Monday following the chief executive's White House Rose Garden Obamacare sales pitch.

After playing clips of the Obama event, Stewart turned to his audience and asked, "When did the president of the United States turn into Gill from 'The Simpsons'?" he asked, mocking Obama's salesmanship pitch.

Stewart panned the White House after a woman nearly fainted as she stood behind Obama during the speech.

"As it turns out, even the photo op to address the poorly planned rollout of Obamacare suffered from a clear lack of planning, as evidenced by the decision, perhaps unwise in hindsight, to place the pregnant woman with diabetes in the sun next to the president," he said.

Stewart went on to ridicule Obama for promising a technology "surge" to fix problems with the website.

"Your website is so [bleeped] we have to use the same strategy we used to salvage the Iraq war?" Stewart asked with disbelief.