Comedian Jon Stewart, the host of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," wants to have Sen. Ted Cruz on his show.

Stewart made his remarks during a conversation on Tuesday with former South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, now the president of the Heritage Foundation.

DeMint brought up the Texas Republican's vote against raising the debt limit, using it as an example of a conservative who wasn't afraid to take on the special interests in Washington.

"You know Cruz?" Stewart asked. "When's he coming on, because he would hate this."

"He would love this," DeMint replied. "The way he's portrayed in the media — it's totally different — he's a great guy, he's smart, and he's not afraid of the people in Washington."

DeMint said he appreciated the idea, but added that he was not Cruz's manager.

Cruz has dealt with the "The Daily Show" before. He sent Stewart a bottle of Texas syrup after the show did a segment on Cruz and called him a "dirty syrup guzzler."

On Tuesday, Stewart and DeMint had a lengthy discussion about the proper role of government in America — which extended into a three-part online video segment.

Stewart kept DeMint on the defensive throughout most of the conversation, as he successfully wielded his brand of populist pro-government humor against him.

"When we walk out of this, I will understand your position a little bit better, and you will just feel sad," Stewart said before laughing.