Actor Jon Voigt delighted the Virginia delegation over breakfast in Clearwater Monday morning with knocks on President Obama and the mainstream media, plus some Mitt Romney anecdotes.

Voight told his version of the time he heard first-hand how Mitt met Ann Romney.

"Mitt said, 'Well, I knew her when we were in grammar school. Then in high school I started to take another look at her in a different way.' I don't know what that means for Mormons," Voight said to a roomful of laughs.

The Academy Award winner also told the crowd that his "favorite place in all the world is in Virginia: Mt. Vernon" and fawned over Virginia accents.

"I'm completely crazy about Virginia," Voight said. "As an actor, I have this thing about the Virginia accent. Before we all start talking like Brian Williams or something, the accent in Virginia is the most beautiful accent."

Tagg Romney, who joined Voight on a tour of delegations, had his favorite spot in Virginia picked out, too, not far from George Washington's estate: The Dairy Godmother.

"It has got to be the best sorbet and yogurt that I've ever had in my life," the eldest Romney son said.

Examiner reporter Steve Contorno contributed to this report.