On Chris Matthew’s Hardball show on MSNBC moments ago, Bloomberg View columnist (formerly of Newsweek) said that if Mitt Romney wins the election more people would die from lack of health insurance.

“If you need health insurance and Mitt Romney wins and Obamacare is repealed, you’re going to get sicker faster,” Alter said. “More people are going to die for lack of health insurance depending on the outcome of this election.”

Alter noted that Obama’s re-election depended on a winning debate performance, tonight.

Real people’s lives are on the line. and then you have the reputation of our first African-American president,” Alter added. “If he loses this debate tonight, and if he loses, he will lose the election, it will be the humiliation of a historic figure.

“That’s a major pivot point in American history,” he concluded.

Alter has also penned a book about the president titled, The Promise: President Obama, Year One