When it comes to Washington-based shows, "Scandal" and "The West Wing" tend to be considered the top of the pack, and actor Josh Malina is the common thread between the two. But last week, Malina, who plays lawyer David Rosen on "Scandal," revealed who else he'd like to see from the "West Wing" alumni network join the "Scandal" ranks -- actress Allison Janney. "I am just going to say off the top of my head, the moment that you asked me that I thought of Allison Janney, my old compatriot on 'The West Wing,' " Malina said when asked who his dream guest star would be during a Spreecast Web chat. "I ran into her a few months ago and I know that she loves the show and she was kind of like, 'I would do it if they asked.' "

Malina talked at length about the hit ABC show, including its star, Kerry Washington. "With any show, usually the top dog sets the tone and it was a similar thing on 'The West Wing,' " Malina explained. "Martin Sheen was such a sweetheart, you can't really be an a-hole if the top dog is a nice guy, and Kerry does the same thing. She couldn't be nicer."

For his "Scandal" role of Rosen, Malina didn't talk to any Washington-based lawyers to prepare. "No, if you've been watching the show, you know that I lose every case, so I would either have had to consult with overly competent lawyers who can't close the deal or no one, and I chose to consult with no one because that's easier."

That being said, he can still pull off a good Washington zinger. "Wait a second, I'm going to pull a Marco Rubio," he said mid-video chat, thirsting for a bottle of water. "It's important to hydrate, I learned that from Marco Rubio," he laughed.