Liberal journalist Kurt Eichenwald, a contributing editor to Vanity Fair, claimed he anticipated the occurrence and intensity of Hurricane Irma by using climate change data, though one meteorologist called the assertion "bullshit."

Eichenwald wrote Tuesday on Twitter, "Im not a scientist. I used a climate change equation &, using sea surface [temperatures], predicted Irma intensity growth & timing. 100% correct."

He followed up, charging that, "If a scientific illiterate can take basic info climate change from scientific journals and correctly predict progress timing and degree of intensity growth based on 1 piece of data plugged in2 an equation, maybe deniers should realize climatologists know more than they do."

Ryan Maue, a meterologist who studies hurricanes and who serves as an adjunct scholar at the libertarian Cato Institute, disputed the claim.

"I am a hurricane scientist and this is bullshit," he said, also on Twitter. "That's all."

Maue told the Washington Examiner that he thought Eichenwald might be making a "joke" but otherwise declined to comment on the subject.

The Examiner also requested comment from Eichenwald.

Irma reached Category 5 in intensity on Tuesday, and experts believe it is on track to hit at least parts of Florida, including the Florida Keys, as the week progresses.