A federal judge on Wednesday refused another request from former D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown to adjust the conditions of his house arrest.

In an April 10 court filing, Brown asked U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon to allow him to travel to Raleigh, N.C., in early May for his nephew's graduation.

Brown lawyer Frederick Cooke Jr. had cited Brown's "close relationship with his nephew" and his status as "a surrogate father for this nephew."

The nephew's father, Che Brown, pleaded guilty in December to bank fraud and began a 90-day jail sentence in Winton, N.C., last week.

Federal prosecutors, who struck a plea deal with Brown last year, did not oppose Brown's request, but Leon denied it on Wednesday without explaining his decision.

Leon's decision marked the second time in as many months that he has declined a request from Brown for a trip to North Carolina.

In March, Brown asked for permission to leave D.C. to support a higher education program that he promoted while he was in public office.

Leon, who tangled with Brown last year about the terms of his release, refused to adjust Brown's home confinement and didn't explain his reasoning.

Brown is serving a sentence of 180 days of house arrest after pleading guilty to bank fraud on June 8. He was sentenced in November.