It's a lot, to be sure, but just 132,381 signed the Democratic Party's birthday card for Joe Biden, or one in 317 registered Democrats in the country, of which there are 42 million.

That’s about a quarter of his campaign Twitter followers, but more than half of those following his official White House Twitter account.

Biden, said to be considering a presidential bid in 2016, turned 71 today.

The party used his birthday to raise money from those who “signed” the internet card for the upcoming 2014 midterm election.

Those who signed Biden’s card were urged:

Thanks for signing Vice President Biden's birthday card. What could be a better gift than electing more Democrats? Making an early investment will help Democrats who have the President and Vice President's back take back the House in 2014.

In honor of Vice President Biden's birthday, donate to help elect more Democrats.

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