The tiniest 1 percent believe that no Major League Baseball players are jacked up on steroids, throwing cold water on baseball's claims that it's fixing the longstanding crisis. According to a new YouGov/Economist poll timed to coincide with the playoffs, a whopping 80 percent of Americans believe that some to most players are using drugs.

The poll also found which player is the new face of the scandal: New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, currently fighting a steroid case. Just 18 percent have a favorable opinion of the slugger, worse than that of other scandalized former players like Pete Rose and Barry Bonds.

Baseball, pushed by Congress, has been working to rid steroids from the sport, but the public doesn’t think that the effort is working. When asked, “How many professional baseball players do you think use performance-enhancing drugs?” those polled said:

– None: 1 percent.

– Some: 33 percent.

– Many: 31 percent.

– Most: 14 percent.

– All: 2 percent.

– Not sure: 20 percent.

What's more, 45 percent have confidence in MLB's probe of A-Rod, while just 21 percent don't, said the poll of 1,000 people.

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