Nearly two months after the Obamacare exchange websites launched across the country, just 21 percent of uninsured Americans have visited a state or federal government health insurance exchange site, according to a new poll from Gallup.

Worse still, the majority of those who have visited have had mostly negative experiences.

Of the group who visited an Obamacare exchange website, nearly two-thirds -- 63 percent -- said they had a negative experience with the site. This includes 30 percent who said they had a “very negative” experience.

Compare that with just 34 percent who say they had a positive experience, including just 5 percent — yes, 5 — who said they had a “very positive” experience.

“More telling, perhaps, is the finding that about eight in 10 uninsured Americans have not visited a health insurance exchange website at all,” Gallup said.

Not only that, but Gallup found that “less than half of uninsured Americans who plan to get insurance say they intend to get it through a federal or state exchange.”

Can’t blame Republicans for that.