Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lamented the bitter fight over Justice Neil Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court last month in remarks at Georgetown University on Thursday.

Reflecting on her own nomination and confirmation experience, Ginsburg expressed a longing for things to return to the way they once were. Ginsburg noted that Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch was a supporter of hers during her confirmation effort and noted that no questions were asked of her relationship with the American Civil Liberties Union during hearings on her nomination.

"What I remember was the collegiality, the civility of those hearings, that entire process," Ginsburg said of her confirmation proceedings. "For Justice Breyer who came one year after, it was pretty much the same — a collegial atmosphere. Watching the most recent confirmations, I wish there was a way that we could wave a magic wand and get back to the way it was and the way it should be."

Ginsburg talked about life on the high court with Gorsuch and said she thought Justice Elena Kagan enjoyed having a new justice on the bench most. Ginsburg said Kagan enjoys it because she no longer carries some of the responsibilities of the junior justice such as answering the door, sitting on the cafeteria committee, and sharing a list of cases the high court decides to grant or deny.