Fresh off of his nearly successful attempt stop the National Security Agency from collecting Americans’ phone records, Rep. Justin Amash said Wednesday that he is still considering running for Michigan’s open Senate seat in 2014.

“I’m still thinking about it,” Amash told the Washington Examiner, adding that he plans to decide later this year.

For advice and input, Amash said he has been looking to his family, friends, colleagues — and the polls.

“The main factor will be whether I think a Republican can win the Senate seat in Michigan,” Amash said. “I do think a Republican can win it, but the question is, what are the odds? So, I’d like to see where things are headed going into this fall.”

A poll published in early June showed Amash more than 10 percentage points behind Rep. Gary Peters, the Democratic candidate, in a race to fill the seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Carl Levin, a Democrat.

But with his star having risen lately in the NSA showdown, Amash is keeping his options open. He confirmed Wednesday that he has met with some outside groups to discuss a Senate run.