Students in the apparel and textiles marketing program at Kansas State University have been taught questionable science this semester, learning that “gender is not determined by chromosomes.”

Professor Genna Reeves-DeArmond shared several messages about the construct of gender in her “Dress and Human Behavior” class. According to one powerpoint slide, obtained by Red Alert Politics, gender is a spectrum; gender is a range of expression; gender is how you relate to yourself; gender is a personal identity; gender is not just male or female; gender is not defined by body parts; gender is not sexual orientation; gender is not determined by chromosomes.

“I was definitely shocked to see that where I pay to go to school is presenting me with such biased and inaccurate information,” Ana Landsverk, a third-year student at Kansas State, told Red Alert Politics. “I wasn’t surprised by the professor who was presenting the information though, she has presented this kind of information all semester long.”

Reeves-DeArmond holds a doctorate degree in design and human environment and also teaches classes on “Apparel and Textile Retailing,” “Aesthetics of Apparel and Textiles,” “Computer Technologies for Merchandising,” “History of Apparel Fashion,” and “Principles of Forecasting.”

“She is also actively involved in supporting student mental health, diversity and inclusion (with specific focus upon LGBTQ issues), and the Historic Costume and Textile Museum at K-State,” according to her official K State biography.

Red Alert Politics asked Dr. Reeves-DeArmond and Kansas State University how these statements help prepare students in the apparel and textiles Marketing program, but did not receive a response in time for publication.