Karl Rove clearly enjoyed himself during his live interview with Politico's Mike Allen in downtown Tampa Monday morning. To the delight of the audience, the GOP analyst found ways to inject a dozen zingers and barbs into the hour-long conversation, including some aimed at the host news organization. A few of his best:

1. With utmost irony: "I hate to be critical of the media. It's really a painful thing."

2. Addressing ABC's Jonathan Karl in the audience: "You gotta work on tying that tie, man. That thing is well below your belt. That's just not right."

3. On Obama's campaign: "It has been about my opponent is a weird, rich, vampire capitalist who cannot be trusted anywhere near anything who will steal your money and send it to a Swiss bank account. "

4. To Allen's comment that Rove is well compensated for his work: "None of your damn business."

5. On Vice President Joe Biden's charitable contributions: "I think he's getting his tips on charitable contributions from Hillary Clinton pre-1992. Mark up the underwear and give it to Goodwill."

6. On his work: "The most lucrative part of my job is debating Robert Gibbs, James Carville, and Howard Dean. I do relish that. (Unintelligible throat noises.) That was James Carville."

7. On getting along with his new wife: "Yes, dear. Whatever you say, dear. I think your selection of the pull knobs on the doors is excellent, thank you for asking me."

8. To Allen's question on how American Crossroads will remain "a little more durable than the Republican majority": "A cheap shot on your part, but that's what we come to expect at Politico."