The Republican Party is losing the millennial vote, according to Ohio Gov. John Kasich. During a "Meet the Press" segment on Sunday discussing the state of the Republican Party, Kasich bemoaned the Republican Party’s failure to align itself with millennial values.

"There's some in the party that look at problems and they're negative and they're angry and they're small. And there's other people that look at the problems and say, 'We can fix them,'" the 2016 presidential candidate said. "So instead of losing the future, which is what we're doing today, turning off millennials,” he said, trailing off.

Kasich went on to explain that the GOP may need to reposition itself on issues such as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, healthcare, and trade.

“Millennials believe we have a global place in the world and we’re losing them,” said Kasich.

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Kasich’s commentary is in lockstep with recent polling.
According to a recent NBC News/GenForward poll, 71 percent of millennials say that both major parties do such a poor job of representing the American people and that a third major party is needed.
When it comes to the president, 58 percent of Republican millennials say Trump is doing about how they expected and 61 percent of millennial Democrats say the president is doing worse than expected.