A bill that would cut $1.3 million in public health grants to Planned Parenthood that has already passed the Ohio state Senate flew through the House on Wednesday. It is now teed up for signing into law by Gov. John Kasich.

Kasich, one of seven remaining Republican presidential candidates for president, has promised to sign the bill, according to his Ohio office.

"The Ohio Department of Health had already stopped awarding state dollars to Planned Parenthood and they were kicked to the back of the line for the federal government's family planning grants that the department administers. This bill further reinforces Ohio's policies," spokesman Joe Andrews said in a statement.

The move could give Kasich a boost with GOP voters who value conservative social principles, since the governor has been labeled as a moderate Republican for his fiscal policies, particularly the expansion of Obamacare.

The bill would strip funding for abortions or the promotion of those services by targeting state and federal funds that were previously directed toward programs that deal with HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, infant mortality and abortion services.

Kasich placed second in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday and ranked third in the Washington Examiner's presidential power rankings.