Sen. Mary Landrieu had fun Wednesday night putting actress Katherine Heigl on the spot. "I'm going to embarrass her because I'm going to tell you all she's been crying the whole night," Landrieu said, introducing the former "Grey's Anatomy" star. "She's been sitting next to me, and I don't know if she's going to make it through the speech, but she is charming and she is fantastic."

Heigl and her musician husband, Josh Kelley, were being honored by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute at the 2012 Angels in Adoption Gala for adopting their two daughters, Naleigh and Adalaide, and bringing positive attention to the issue. Being the literal stars of the show, Heigl and Kelley had to hold it together through the entire sometimes-sad program, receiving the final award of the night.

"It's nice for us to participate in something that means something for a change," Heigl said once she got onstage. "And we feel a little silly being honored for doing the right thing -- it feels like the right thing is just the right thing to do; you don't get awards for it, you get your heart filled for it," she continued. (For the record: She never cried on stage). "We're not shy with what we do with our children. We're putting them out there because we feel like that we want to lead by example," Kelley explained.

The couple did quite the tour of Washington while they were in town, hitting up the White House and meeting the first dog, Bo. Heigl also toured Capitol Hill with her mother and adopted sister, Meg, to talk about another pet issue -- animal advocacy. "We've got our fingers in a lot of pots," she told Yeas & Nays. But one thing the stars weren't going to dabble in was partisanship. "Anything I'm talking about, I feel like is a human issue, it's bipartisan, it's not sort of affiliated with one party of another, it's just human issues, compassion for animals, compassion for children, those sort of things I think we can all be on the same team about," Heigl said. "I try to stay out of party politics. I'm not educated enough to have a platform for an opinion."