Kathy Griffin donned a President Trump mask during a bold return to the U.S. comedy circuit after posing with a faux severed Trump head in May.

"Hello gays! It's me, Kathy Griffin, a genuine comedy fugitive," Griffin said on Sunday at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Griffin opened the Aid for AIDS Best in Drag Show fundraiser by parading on stage in the mask, while giving the audience the middle finger. She was also wearing a blue dress similar to the one she was photographed in with the bloodied fake Trump head.

"I know people have the cellphones out, and this is going to be on Breitbart and the Daily Caller," she said. "I don't care, because I fucking love you guys. What we all fucking need is to fucking talk to each other and laugh."

Griffin said in August she was no longer sorry for the publicity stunt, which cost her a regular New Years Eve hosting gig with CNN.

She was investigated by Secret Service agents over the incident in July, but was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing.