White House counselor Kellyanne Conway denies she snubbed Mark Halperin after a video resurfaced of her appearing to avoid hugging the journalist who was accused this week of sexually harassing former colleagues.

Video from Showtime's political series, “The Circus,” showed Conway at an election night victory party running up to enthusiastically hug Mark McKinnon and John Heilemann, but not Halperin.

Conway told the Washington Examiner on Friday that Halperin had been at Trump campaign headquarters before the election was called for Trump.

“I’d already exchanged pleasantries with him by the time 'The Circus’ shot,” she wrote in an email.

She said Heilemann arrived at Trump’s party “shocked and disappointed by the election result.”

Heilemann “definitely needed a hug,” she said.

CNN reported earlier this week that five women accused Halperin of sexual misconduct while he was employed by ABC News from 1997-2007.

“This was an open secret when I was at ABC for years — brave of these women to speak up,” CNN reporter Clarissa Ward said Thursday.