White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and ABC host George Stephanopoulos clashed repeatedly over the definition of what a budget cut is, with Conway insisting the president's budget doesn't reduce spending, it just reduces the rate of growth government spending.

"You keep calling them cuts. We don't see them as cuts," Conway told Stephanopoulos during a lengthy back and forth on the subject Sunday morning.

The host shot back, "Again, it was the Republican senators and the experts calling it cuts."

To date five GOP senators have said they would oppose the Senate healthcare bill in its current form due in part to major cuts to Medicaid. Conway tried to put a positive spin on this by arguing they currently had 45 "yes" votes.

The Senate bill would pull back Medicaid funds starting in 2021 in states that expanded the program, dropping the federal share of funding back to pre-Affordable Care Act, aka "Obamacare," levels by 2024. States would get additional funding to care for disabled children, opioid abuse and mental health treatment.

Conway said that the criticisms of the legislation were falling flat with voters.

"All those losers in those four (recent congressional) elections ran on keeping Obamacare intact," she said.