Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli on Tuesday called on Congress to avoid $1.2 trillion in looming federal budget reductions, joining a chorus of opposition in Virginia just three days before the cuts are scheduled to go into affect.

"After years of failing to address our debt and deficit problems, in three short days approximately 90,000 hard working Virginians will either lose their job or be furloughed because of sequestration," the Republican Cuccinelli said on the website for his gubernatorial campaign. "It's critical for the White House and Congress to fix the mess they created."

It's a bit of an about face for Cuccinelli, who last week told The Hill that the federal government needed to "spend within its means and Virginia, no doubt, with one third of its economy based on federal jobs, will take a hit on that." The Hill noted that Cuccinelli didn't opine on whether Congress should avert the cuts, which will be triggered Friday.

It's interesting, too, that Cuccinelli cited White House figures on how the impending cuts will hurt Virginia. The conservative attorney general has been a tough and frequent critic of President Obama and his administration. Other Republicans have assailed Obama for releasing breakdowns of how inaction will affect each state, likening it to campaign-style propaganda.

Cuccinelli's position, however, puts him on the same side as Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell, who he's running to replace, and his Democratic rival, Terry McAuliffe. Democrats and Republicans throughout the state have denounced the cuts.