Sen. John Kerry is pulling out the biggest of warnings: In a fundraising email headlined "President Romney?!" he is raising for the first time the possibility that Mitt Romney could win the presidency.

Referring to his own paper-thin 2004 loss to former President George W. Bush, Kerry is trying to scare Democrats into giving the Obama campaign one last donation so that President Obama isn't outspent by Romney, though September financial records show that Obama outspent Romney two to one.

Kerry's email:

Folks, it's time to get serious about this.

In these last two weeks, President Obama and Democrats are going to get slammed with a massive blitz of negative ads. Mitt Romney and outside groups are "hoping that burying President Obama in ads will give them a crucial edge on Election Day," reports the Washington Post.

You and I learned the hard way eight years ago: We need to respond immediately and forcefully.

We've got the right candidates, the right ideas, and millions of committed supporters -- but we simply can't win without the resources.

So please donate $5 or more today.

We cannot let Mitt Romney become president.

While Romney was governor of my state, Massachusetts, the debt burden per capita was the highest in the nation. He raised or created more than 1,000 taxes and fees on people across Massachusetts, while 278 wealthy residents in the state got a tax break. And Massachusetts plummeted to 47th out of 50 in job creation.

What does it say that the people who know Mitt Romney best trust him least? He is trailing by 20 points or more in the state where he was governor.

If that's not what you want for the next four years, then chip in $5 or more and help President Obama and Democrats across the country beat Romney and his Republican allies:


John Kerry

P.S. -- The stakes could not be higher. Tomorrow is the final debate, and then we're just two weeks away. No regrets. Donate today.