It's not usually flattering to describe someone as a hotdog, but every year since 1988 Oscar Mayer bestows "Hotddogger" as an official job title on 12 recent college graduates.

"We love people. We're enthusiastic. We love adventure," current "Hotdogger" Anggela Pimentel described the personality traits Oscar Mayer hires. She and Kevin Jacobsen -- who go by Anggie Dogg and Kevin Bacon Bits for their day jobs -- are the "Hotdoggers" currently wrangling the 27-by-11-by-8 foot Wienermobile on tour in Maryland.

It visited Annapolis on Thursday, and will roll up to grocery stores in Perry Hall, Dundalk and Columbia over the next three days, handing out promotional whistles and stickers. (For schedule updates, follow @Wienermobile on Twitter.)

Wienermobile visits tend to draw children, but also older fans who remember seeing the Wienermobile as kids. It's been around since 1936, but it's changed some: For example, the 2012 version has solar panels. Wienermobile sightings also draw former "Hotdoggers," who stay connected through Facebook.

Many grocery stores host a cookout to mark Wienermobile visits. So is there an official way for a Hotdogger to eat a wiener? "No," said Pimentel, who affirmed that she "loves" hot dogs. "As long as you enjoy it."