House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy on Sunday said House Republicans have "other options" if the Senate kicks back a government spending bill clean of any anti-Obamacare provisions.

But the California Republican suggested House GOP leaders will continue to link their fight against the health care law to a spending bill needed to avoid a government shutdown, telling "Fox News Sunday" that any future measure the House sends back to the Senate "will have additions."

Early Sunday the GOP-led House passed a "continuing resolution" spending bill that would keep federal agencies funded past Monday but would delay the president's signature health care law. The bill, which fund the government through Dec. 15, also would repeal a medical device tax included in the health care law.

But McCarthy said if the Senate as expected strips out the health care provisions and sends back a "clean" bill to the lower chamber, House GOP leaders would be ready to insert "a few other options in there for the Senate to look at again."

“We will pass a bill — if the Senate [rejects the latest House bill] — that will keep the government open, that will reflect the House that I believe the Senate can accept, that will have fundamental changes into Obamacare," he said

McCarthy added that House GOPers are not trying to shut down the government, laying the blame on Senate and President Obama if such a scenario occurs.

"We are not shutting the government down," he said.

Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, accused Democrats of playing a dangerous game of politics with the national economy, saying that Democrats and President Obama quietly are pushing for a shutdown on the grounds the public would blame the GOP.

“The Democrats think this is a loser for us, everybody agrees this is a loser for us if the government shuts down, and that is why, I think, the president wants a government shutdown,” Labrador said on NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday.