Kevin Nealon likes to talk about hope. He can find humor in it.

For example, picture an adult wearing braces. That makes Nealon smile, that someone at an advanced age is preparing for the future.

"As a comic, I think you're always evolving," Nealon said during a recent phone interview from his home in Los Angeles. "I'm talking about life and talking about the oddities of life. I can go in any direction. Whatever is funny is funny."

Nealon performs Thursday through Sunday at the DC Improv Comedy Club.

If you go
Kevin Nealon
» Where: DC Improv, 1140 Connecticut Ave. NW
» When: 8 p.m. Thursday, 8 and 10:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 8 p.m. Sunday
» Info: $25; 202-296-7008;

Nealon may be best known for his television work, primarily on "Saturday Night Life" and more recently as Doug Wilson on Showtime's "Weeds." With approximately 40 dates on the road this year, Nealon is returning to his stand-up roots.

Despite his long career, Nealon has only a pair of hourlong stand-up specials under his belt. The first, "Now Hear Me Out!" can be found for purchase or download. The second, "Whelmed ... But Not Overly" is still playing on Showtime. He said he hopes to release a third in the near future.

"The first one was a culmination of material from over a long period of time that I honed down and singled out," Nealon, 59, said. "The second one was from a couple of years of material that I really enjoyed. It was a big part of my life and where I was at this point in my life, as far as reflecting, of being whelmed about things, but not overly. Still in control, not a neurotic person.

"I never really had the desire to do them because I always felt my material was evolving and in the progress of getting to be where I want it, but then I realized that it will never be where I want it," Nealon said of recording specials.

Nealon relayed "SNL" producer Lorne Michaels' philosophy that the show is never ready, it's just time.

"I'm very critical of myself, but it gets to the point where you just have to put it out there," Nealon said.

Nealon said he's currently working on a pilot with his wife, Susan Yeagley, and has a couple of film roles in the works.

"[I'm] excited with what's next," Nealon said. "I'm optimistic and excited about what's around the corner for me."