One of the most vocal supporters of immigration reform in Congress urged President Obama to act quickly on the issue, widening a Democratic rift over the timing of any executive actions.

In a conference call Wednesday hosted by pro-reform advocacy group America's Voice, Democratic Rep. Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois urged Senate Democrats to stop pressuring Obama to postpone any action until after the elections.

“Stand aside,” he said. "Let the president make a decision; let him announce it; and stop this stopping the progress of our community towards justice."

Many Democrats are urging President Obama to delay executive action on immigration — something he warned he would do without Congressional action by summer’s end — until after the November elections.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest dodged questions about immigration on Tuesday, saying Obama’s executive action could also happen after the summer, saying the president was focused on the proper policy and not the political timing.

But Gutiérrez argued the best timing was now.

A member of the House since 1993, he said that “Democrats have to come to understand that you can’t pick and choose when [immigrants] are good for you.”