Gold Star father Khizr Khan said Tuesday that President Trump is essentially a glitch in the U.S. democratic system that the country will have to survive in order to return to its constitutional principles.

Khan said on MSNBC there is a real fear in the country about Trump's presidency. But pointed to the title of his new book, An American Family: A Memoir of Hope and Sacrifice, as a sign there is still hope in the U.S.

"With that fear comes hope, and that is why we call the book 'Memoir of Hope,' meaning that we are hopeful that this anomaly is momentary, because our firm faith in our goodness and our founding principles and documents will move us forward on the correct path," Khan said.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough agreed that Trump will eventually be seen as a historical glitch.

"That's the word, anomaly," Scarborough said. "And that's the word I go back to when people talk about how this is the beginning of a long terrible slide by this country."

"Fifty, 100 years from now, people will look back at him as an anomaly, a terrible mistake, a mad experiment that went terribly wrong, and that Americans forever learned from," he said. "An anomaly."

"We have survived worse, we will survive this and move forward," Khan said.

Khan has been making the rounds on cable news in the face of criticism that Trump disrespected the family of a fallen U.S. soldier in a phone call. Trump, however, has said he was respectful, and said his staff, including chief of staff John Kelly, agrees that Trump made comments to the family that were respectful of his service to the nation.