A new animated series featuring former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden is in the works.

According to the creator, Adam Reid, the show is meant for people who "intensely miss" duo. "[It is] an adult animated sci-fi sitcom. A parody of Quantum Leap and countless other 80's TV classics."

A Kickstarter for the would-be series is looking to meet a goal of $100,000 dollars by the end of August. The show, "Barry & Joe – The Animated Series," would feature Obama and Biden as crime-fighting partners.

"Every episode will follow Barack and Joe as they leap into the past and change a part of history," Reid wrote on the Kickstarter page. "[For] people who miss Obama and Biden as much as we do,"

"Anyone on the left side of the political spectrum who isn't afraid to question everything they know about America," he added.

The sitcom has raised $28,000 so far.