Kill Senate Democrats' Political Careers founder James Brown reported his super PAC was unsuccessful in raising any money during its short-lived existence.

"I haven't raised any money, I haven't spent any money, I haven't borrowed any money, I don't have any money, I haven't given any money to anyone, I haven't done anything with money at all. Well, I asked a couple people but they said no. Or rather they just didn't reply," Brown wrote in a Sept. 22 letter to the Federal Election Commission that was released Thursday.

"Anyway, that report is 21 pages long and I don't have the link to print out all that crap but every answer is zero or nothing or not applicable. I have closed the PAC effective July 31, 2017," he added.

Brown said he plans to support conservative causes in simple ways, "like wave signs or march around and yell stuff or something that doesn't require registering or reports."

FEC reports indicate Brown's group did not raise or spend any money in the first half of 2017.