Whether Ivanka Trump is "complicit" for serving in her father's White House has been the subject of some debate, with critics dramatically assailing the first daughter's choice to work in an administration that does not represent her more progressive perspectives on particular policy questions.

Stepping foot inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it would seem, constitutes a grave offense that facilitates the execution of President Trump's agenda — never mind that Ivanka has reasonably claimed her influence against conservative orthodoxy is exerted most effectively outside the media microscope.

The Pyeongchang Olympics were taken as some in the media as an opportunity to compare Ivanka to Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, apparently dispatched to the games in an effort to soften the country's international image. That's an image deserving of no such softening, but the American media played right along.

The sweep of sympathetic headlines from top publications is baffling beyond words.

But since the press has taken the plunge into paralleling Ivanka and Kim, let's ponder what complicity really looks like.

Complicity is working on behalf of the regime that imprisoned and murdered Otto Warmbier; it is working on behalf of the regime, as Alana Mastrangelo outlined in the Washington Examiner on Monday, that isolates, starves, enslaves, and publicly executes its citizens. Complicity is looking to put a prettier face on the policies of man who warned only last month that "[t]he entire United States is within range of our nuclear weapons, a nuclear button is always on my desk."

Kim is believed to be a deputy director in her brother's "Department of Propaganda and Agitation," meaning her role is literally to facilitate media censorship (making the American media's coverage all the more baffling). Her principal duty in Pyeongchang, where she uttered not one public word, was to help the authoritarian regime for which she serves look less atrocious.

So while we're drawing comparisons between Ivanka Trump and Kim Yo Jong — and giving the latter more sympathy than she ever deserves — let's at least keep some perspective, and use Kim's example as an opportunity to remember what it really means to be complicit in advancing the cause of evil.