Years ago, a high school baseball player told major league teams what it would take to get him to turn pro. The answer left them aghast. And they told him, "You're not worth that much money." Which the kid readily agreed with, but that missed the point. They asked what it would take, and he told them.

Which brings us to the Redskins and quarterback Kirk Cousins. A rumor/report circulated that the Redskins had told teams it would take a first-round pick to land Cousins. Don't know whether that's actually the case, but there's little doubt it could be. Why? Because the Redskins have no intention of trading Cousins, but if a team wants to blow them away with an offer? Well, then, sure. After all, we're still talking about a guy who is a backup.

But any idea of trading Cousins ends once we get past the silly-offer stage. Just because they signed Pat White last week followed by Rex Grossman means nothing. If Robert Griffin III is not healthy for the start of the season, Cousins would start.

One game does not a career make, so Cousins has more to prove than just what he did vs. Cleveland in December. One longtime general manager said he would want to see a player in at least 10 games before he would give up a high pick for him (especially one in Cousins' spot who entered the league as a fourth-round pick). Eventually that could happen. Eventually the Redskins might be willing to part with him. For now? A quarterback rotation of Griffin-Cousins-Grossman is a strong one.

Why mess with that unless you have to? If Cousins were in this draft, he would go higher than the fourth round. How much so? It's hard to say because many teams who needed quarterbacks bypassed him last year. Maybe he would go a round or two higher.

He made big plays and he made some bad plays in limited duty last year. He showed he's a quick study and tough. Cousins remains an asset to the Redskins; there's no way they will get rid of him now.

- John Keim