KT McFarland, President Trump's former deputy national security adviser, has been reassigned from her position in the White House to a position serving as U.S. ambassador to Singapore.

McFarland, a former Fox News analyst, was brought into the administration by Gen. Mike Flynn, Trump's first national security adviser. Flynn resigned in February amid allegations that he misled the vice president about his pre-inaugural contacts with the Russian ambassador, after which Trump named H.R. McMaster as his national security adviser.

McMaster has sought to reshape the National Security Council since joining the White House team. Earlier this week, the White House suggested it was McMaster that decided chief strategist Steve Bannon should no longer sit on the the NSC principals committee.

But a White House official told the Washington Examiner that the "narrative" of McMaster ousting McFarland was inaccurate.

"The narrative that H.R. is kicking her out is not true," the official said. "He's happy for her. The administration thinks she would be an asset overseas, particularly in Singapore, which is a key U.S. ally."

The official noted that Singapore's media is English-speaking and said McFarland would therefore be able to represent the U.S. regularly in that country's press.

McFarland's reassignment was first reported by Bloomberg and confirmed by the Examiner.

As a future nominee for ambassador to Singapore, McFarland will need to move through the Senate confirmation process. Her current position did not require Senate confirmation.