As residents of his home state recover from the devastating tornado that ravaged Moore, Oklahoma, Sen. Tom Coburn deserves credit for sticking with his position that all emergency aid spending should be offset.

“He’s always had the same position since the Oklahoma City bombing,” Coburn spokesman John Hart wrote in an email. “We should offset disaster aid by sacrificing less vital areas of the budget.”

When it’s a northeastern disaster such as Hurricane Sandy, it’s easier for liberals to portray conservative support for offsetting the aid spending with cuts elsewhere as representing some sort of animus against the region rather than a principled stand.

But by remaining consistent even when his own state has been at the receiving end of a brutal storm, Coburn gives more credibility to the limited government position.

A spokesman for Oklahoma’s other U.S. Senator, James Inhofe, did not immediately respond to a request for comment as to whether he shares Coburn’s stance.