Metropolitan Transportation Authority announcements on New York City's subway system are going gender neutral.

NYC Transit staffers have been instructed to immediately replace the phrase “ladies and gentleman” in all announcements with non-gendered words such as "passengers," "riders," and "everyone," according to the New York Post, which confirmed "gender issues" at least in part precipitated the change.

MTA reportedly disseminated a bulletin to workers this month warning that "line managers and train service supervisors will be monitoring them" for compliance with the new policy.

Transport Workers Union Local 100 member and station worker Anthony Staley told the Post, "They are trying to be politically correct ... They are acknowledging that they have some transgender riders. They don’t want to offend anyone."

This change, of course, won't make much difference in the lives of most riders and isn't worth expending outrage over. But it's a reminder of how intensely sensitive society has become to the point where officials feel compelled to scrub public transit announcements of gender markers. Expect the language-policing to escalate.