Larry Nassar, a doctor to Olympians who was convicted of possessing child pornography and of molesting more than 200 women and girls, has been transferred to a maximum-security prison.

He was transferred on Thursday from the Eaton County Jail in Michigan to the Milan Federal Correctional Institution, which is near Ann Arbor. As of Saturday he has been housed in at a prison in Tucson, Ariz., according to information on the website of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

The prison offers a sex offender program that provides treatment.

Nassar is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison. He has been sentenced to serve a 60 year federal sentence in Arizona for having child pornography, and if he outlives his time there he will be transferred to Michigan to serve two 40-year sentences for sexually abusing 10 girls. He is 54.

Nassar was a doctor to USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University patients and carried out his abuse over two decades under the guise of medical treatment. He pleaded guilty to seven counts of criminal sexual conduct in Michigan. Though at first he said his accusers were lying, he later issued a letter of apology after 156 women shared their testimonies in court.