Casino owner Steve Wynn said Sunday that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was a regular at his hotel but the gunman never raised any concerns among the staff that would have suggested that he was a potential threat.

"He had the most vanilla profile one could imagine," Wynn said on "Fox News Sunday," adding that contrary to some reports, Paddock was not considered a particularly high roller. "He paid promptly, never owed money. He did not fit the profile of a problem gambler."

Paddock made his attack from the MGM Resort's Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, but was known to frequent Wynn's namesake casino as well.

The most odd thing about Paddock, Wynn said, was that he was never known to drink alcohol at all.

The fact that Paddock brought guns into the casino would have gotten him ejected once that was known, Wynn said. However, he added that this wouldn't have set him apart from too many other guests. Wynn said his casino was "constantly" finding guests bringing guns into their rooms.